Myoceram : amongst the finalists in the beauty from within category

As soon as Jocelyn Berubé, our VP Science & Regulatory Affairs, heard about Myoceram® and the compelling scientific studies supporting its claims, he was convinced of Myoceram®’s potential to achieve the high scientific and quality standards required for Health Canada registration.

The ingredient was launched for North America in 2017 at the Engredea Show and approved by Health Canada in 2018. The certification applied to a daily intake of 30mg of rice derived Myoceram® (Myoceram®-RPS) to “help support healthy skin barrier function” and “help lessen the loss of water through the skin.”

This year, Myoceram® was amongst the finalists as the Beauty from Within category appeared for the first time at the NutraIngredients-USA Awards.

On the back of heightened global interest in health and wellness, the concept of ‘beauty-from-within’ has gained fresh impetus in recent years. The Ingredient of the Year category for beauty from within celebrates the best the industry has to offer in tailored nutritional solutions to maintain and enhance skin, nail and hair care across all age groups.

maintain and enhance skin, nail and hair care across all age groups. Although we did not win, we are very happy with Myoceram®’s rapid progression in the Beauty from Within segment. This success comes from the great teamwork between innoVactiv and Nippon Flour Mills (NIPPN) in Japan, which has developed and produced high quality ingredients with proven scientific claims.

Lear more about Myoceram

Congratulations to all winners of the 2021 Nutraingredients USA Awards, it’s been an honor!

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