Blood Sugar Management

Our diet today has too high a proportion of added sugars, and this overconsumption has serious consequences for our glycemic health.

This is why we have made blood sugar management our priority at innoVactiv. We are developing alternative solutions to counter this overconsumption and thus contribute to the well-being and healthy aging of our population.

The 1970s saw fats being banned from our diets. Wrongly, this constituent has been found to be responsible for obesity and heart disease. By developing an offering of “low-fat” products, food manufacturers realized that they were losing both their taste and their appetizing texture.

In order to restore these attributes, they simply replaced the fat with various forms of carbohydrates, such as starch or sugar. And to hide this dangerous substitution, sugar has been hidden on our labels under more than 250 different names!

Consequently, we consume on average 64 kg of added sugar each year, greatly exceeding the recommendation of public health organizations which is 10 kg per year. This overconsumption of sugar is toxic and significantly affects the health of individuals, more specifically glycemic health.

More than 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese, and 45% have diabetes or prediabetes. This trend can be seen in many other countries, including countries that have traditionally been free from such problems.

Sugar and carbohydrates not only have a long-term negative impact, but they also affect our health after each meal by promoting oxidative stress, increasing appetite and body weight, as well as decreasing cognitive and physical performance.

Since blood sugar control remains one of the most important mechanisms of our normal physiology, we have chosen to address this problem by targeting an effective and safe mechanism of action, without the risk of hypoglycemia or drug interactions for people who are frail or already taking various medications.

Regardless of the name used to hide these sugars that we ingest, our body ultimately assimilates them in the form of glucose. To do this, two important digestive enzymes, α-amylase and α-glucosidase, act like “scissors” on ingested sugars to release glucose. Ultimately, it is this glucose that travels to our cells to support our energy needs.

By focusing on the activity of these two enzymes and after years of research, innoVactiv has succeeded in developing a unique and effective solution to help reduce the negative impact of added sugars in our modern diet.

Discover InSea2®, a natural ingredient for blood sugar control.

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