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Since 2004, a single mission has driven innoVactiv: to develop, manufacture and market innovative nutraceutical ingredients with clinically proven health benefits.

Our nutraceutical ingredients and natural extracts, with high scientific and technological content, are intended for companies offering products aimed at improving human well-being and health.


Our values aim, from a sustainable development perspective, to provide a work environment conducive to the development of our team members and to create wealth and satisfaction for our customers and partners.

These values are:

  • rigor and reliability in all our actions;
  • integrity, by adopting exemplary conduct in our business, social and environmental practices;
  • team spirit and mutual respect.

Whether you are interested in our high-quality ingredients to position your products advantageously over your competitors or in a partnership aimed at developing a new natural extract, do not hesitate to contact us.

You will be able to see our expertise in the science of ingredients.


Our multidisciplinary team combines solid experience in the discovery, development and marketing of natural ingredients.

Our expertise brings together:

  • in-depth knowledge of human physiology
  • mastery of the various extraction and purification technologies
  • hands-on insights in regulatory affairs, and
  • innovative ideas in marketing strategies.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding our ingredients and our services.

Management team

Patrice Dionne
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and shareholder, Patrice helps our customers in the dietary supplement and nutrition industries develop high performance products to improve well-being and health. His expertise ranges from project management to finance, through operations, sales and marketing and business development.

Jocelyn Bérubé
Executive Vice President
Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

As Executive Vice President and shareholder, Jocelyn is responsible for developing the most advanced nutritional ingredients. He aims to develop products that are safe and effective as well as offer distinctive factors, efficacy and unparalleled quality to our customers in the dietary supplement and nutrition industries.

Raphaël Anguenot
Vice President
Supply chain

As Vice President - Supply Chain and shareholder, Raphaël oversees the strategic planning, performance and reliability of the company's supply and distribution chain. He acts as a specialist in preventive control and the manager responsible for the storage and distribution site in Rimouski.

Sales and business development

Ernest Wáng 王甯遠
Director – Asia-Pacific
Simon Robitaille
Director – Business Development and Technical Support

We are always looking for talented people, stimulated by the challenges and the desire to contribute to the well-being and health of the population! Join our team and help us achieve our mission by submitting your application to info@innovactiv.com!



The success and satisfaction of our customers and partners are at the heart of our priorities, and innoVactiv is committed to adopting exemplary conduct in its practices and its relations with them by guaranteeing:

  • that the manufacture and distribution of our ingredients and extracts are done according to the best industry standards;
  • support from our team of experts in their innovation and ideation processes for new products;
  • assistance and a clear answer to all questions relating to our ingredients and extracts within 48 hours.

We adhere to the highest global standards in the principles of sustainable development, eco-responsibility, the use of “green” manufacturing processes, and we hold multiple certifications for our ingredients.


innoVactiv holds several internationally recognized certifications to meet the highest quality standards expected by its customers, including organic, GMO-free, Kosher and Halal certifications. Please refer to the Products section to discover the certifications specific to each ingredient.

Are you looking for a reliable and rigorous ingredient supplier, able to support you in the development of your product?

Contact us and specify your needs below.

We will respond as soon as possible.

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