Joint health

Every day, we rely on our members to get around, interact with others and our environment, and do all the little things that contribute to our independence and happiness.

However, for some people, joint pain reduces their ability to maintain this freedom. The aging of the population contributes to this phenomenon, but other factors including overweight and blood sugar disorders can contribute to the severity of symptoms.

The causes of joint disorders can be multiple, including the normal wear of the cartilage due to excessive use (overweight contributing to an increase in this normal wear), injuries, the accumulation of glycated collagen in the joints, or even immune conditions.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen helps support healthy joints by promoting chondrocyte synthesis of new collagen molecules. It may also help support immune tolerance by exposing the immune system to collagen fragments to decrease the severity of immune attacks against cartilage in certain types of joint damage.

Discover Cartidyss®, a natural ingredient for joint health.

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