InSea2®: the best nutraceutical ingredient for blood sugar control


InSea2® is the best ally to combat the harmful effects of overconsumption of added sugars in our daily diet. Used daily, it helps maintain good glycemic health as demonstrated in eight clinical studies.

InSea2® is the only natural ingredient with an action on the two digestive enzymes that transform dietary carbohydrates into glucose. This dual action can reduce glycemic stress by up to 48.3% from the first use, in addition to offering long-term benefits on glycemic health.

InSea2® comes from the brown seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus, harvested in an eco-responsible way in the North Atlantic. They are transformed using an aqueous-based manufacturing process, without any other solvent, excipient or additives, allowing the polyphenols to be concentrated.

Benefits for glycemic control

Clinical studies conducted with InSea2® support a wide range of health benefits.

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Helps reduce the glycemic index of ingested foods
  • Maintains mental acuity after meals
  • Maintains glycemic health
  • Promotes weight management
  • Supports thyroid function through a controlled supply of organic vegetable iodine

Clinical studies

InSea2® has been clinically tested on more than 900 volunteers in eight independent clinical studies, the results of which have been published in reputable scientific journals.

These clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy and safety of InSea2® in helping to maintain and improve glycemic health in the short and long term.

In particular, InSea2® has been tested for its immediate glycemic benefits in 70 subjects during three different studies. These studies have demonstrated a reduction in blood sugar after a meal of starch or table sugar, along with a subsequent reduction in insulin levels.

These benefits have been validated after a single dose of the ingredient and demonstrate its potential to support optimal glycemic health. More recently, InSea2® has been tested for its benefits in maintaining long-term glycemic health in several clinical studies over 6 months. These studies have demonstrated that the increased control of the post-meal glycemic response by the use of InSea2® can generate significant long-term health benefits in people who are more susceptible to metabolic disorder related to glycemic control.
Discover the published articles relating to our various clinical studies:

Main features

Clinical studies conducted with InSea2® support a wide range of health benefits.

  • Concentrated in polyphenols from hand-harvested brown seaweeds
  • 100% natural, certified organic and non-GMO
  • Self-affirmed GRAS certification (to find out more, click here)
  • Immediate benefits from the first dose on glycemic control and cognitive function after the meal
  • Supported by 8 clinical trials with results published in reputable scientific journals
  • Two claims approved by Health Canada (NPN 80033840):
    • Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels
    • Helps reduce the glycemic index of ingested foods
  • Fine brown powder, effective at a low dosage, easy to formulate in multiple dosage forms (dietary supplements)


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