Is metabolic and glycemic health the new low-fat?

Did you know that half of all American adults have good reasons to worry about their blood glucose levels (or glycemic health)?

A brief look at the CDC website will convince you of the urgency to act now. If not for those already diabetic, but at least for those 88 million prediabetic with increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the next five years.

The good news? People don’t need to wait until they fall on the wrong side of the statistics to do something to manage their blood sugar and insulin levels!

They can turn to:

  • Increasing daily physical activity,
  • Resistant starch-containing foods,
  • Low-carbohydrate foods, and
  • Lower glycemic index foods.

All of these approaches have been successful in peer-reviewed clinical studies in preserving insulin function, controlling blood glucose, and helping to restore metabolic and glycemic health.

These healthy life habits can however become difficult to maintain in the long run, given our busy schedules and conflicting or lack of information!

Another way is to turn to dietary supplements that may assist in supporting optimal blood glucose control.

Dietary supplements for metabolic and glycemic health constitute a huge market segment and are poised to remain a much needed help for decades to come.

Possibly larger than the low-fat category, the gluten-free category, and the clean-label category because the underlying need is tremendous.

Would you like to know more about this upcoming trend?

I suggest this article : Metabolic Health: It’s All About Insulin

Do you have a product designed for glycemic health? If you are considering a new formula for this market, please contact me to discuss it.

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