Glycemic health: in the blind side of immune health

The recent pandemic has obscured many of our society’s problems while shedding a new light on others. Among those, shadowed by COVID-19, is that “other” pandemic that slowly but surely grew to colossal proportions over the last decades: diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the most important public health concerns of our time, with the number of affected people quadrupling over the last thirty years.

Diabetes, and its complications, is among the top 10 causes of death in adults. It’s impacting healthcare costs at a level of 327 B$ annually, in the US alone! As a comparison, the US federal government spent 778 B$ on its military and 146 B$ on infrastructures in 2020! (CDC National Diabetes Statistic Report)

Prediabetes is an interesting niche to consider in the health market since it’s related to a higher risk of diabetes and its complications. Moreover, scientific literature shows it’s possible to act on this condition to help maintain optimal glycemic health.

Combined with the rising preference for health supplements, and consumers wishing to control their increasing healthcare costs, glycemic health is definitely a potential market to look at.

Glycemic health: critical success factors 

Here are five important factors you should consider before formulating a product in the blood sugar category:

Key demographic

Counting diabetics and prediabetics, nearly 45% of the US adult population should care about their blood glucose level.

That is a vast potential market. How successful you’ll be will depend on your capacity to raise awareness while not steering them away from life-saving standard medical care.

Supplements are by no means a substitution for medical treatment, but can definitely bring additional benefits when sound science is involved.

Scientific merit

A successful product launch is built on fine-tuning key marketing claims that resonate with the intended consumer audience. However, these claims must also adhere to regulatory standards. They should be validated through pre-clinical and clinical safety and efficacy studies.

Remember your target audience can be anywhere from healthy (but concerned), prediabetic to even diabetic (with various degrees of medical treatment).

Aim for ingredients that have demonstrated their capacity to help maintain blood glucose levels under various health statuses and medication backgrounds.

Synergize your formulation

One ingredient may have caught your attention as a pillar for your next formulation. Why not combine it with additional ingredients, ideally working through a different mechanism?

Consider combinations that attack two fronts, as they have the potential of reaching synergies as well as delivering a more consistent result to more people.

In such cases, one plus one does not always equal two! Why not combine an ingredient that slows dietary carbohydrates from reaching your bloodstream with another ingredient that potentiates insulin action? Or have one that increases insulin sensitivity with one that helps process fatty acids more effectively?

That will help differentiate your formula from competitors as well as strengthen your label claims!


Successful brands realize how important certifications have become to a growing segment of shoppers and have begun to factor them into their strategies and processes. Shoppers recognize certifiers’ logos, creating an opportunity for you to grab their attention and gain their trust!

While some may argue that certifications are no more than a gold star beside your product’s name, working with certified suppliers also provides formulators with the reassurance that they are working with a partner who will deliver the product reliably, within specs and on time to avoid the risks of back-ordered ingredients, logistics issues, or inconsistent quality.

Revisit your formulations

Blood glucose products may be in your portfolio for many years. It’s time to revisit them!  The number of scientific articles on the topic has grown exponentially and represents a gold mine to help you identify exciting combinations if you are looking to innovate.

As personalized nutrition becomes more popular, it is more important than ever to offer a variety of solutions to cater to different demographics. Integrating the latest, trendiest ingredients in your formulations is one key step toward establishing your brand as an unrivalled leader in this personalized nutrition era.


While there is no assurance of success, keeping the points above in mind will help you plan your formulation project on sound bases — including using the right ingredients, formulation and dosage form.

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