Beyond the pill: challenges of custom natural extract

custom natural extract of plant

Health products have evolved beyond traditional capsules and tablets with gummies, sports drinks, shots and other non-traditional formats taking 52% of the market*. 

Consumers are now asking for concentrated and efficient products delivered in various ways. 

Because of their health benefits and beneficial nutrients, herbal extracts are widely used to create a variety of shots, RTD beverages and powder drinks.  

Riding on the back of this development, the global organic herbal extracts market will observe robust growth in the forthcoming years. The global herbal extracts market can expect a rise from USD 9.7 billion in 2018 to USD 13.96 billion by 2023**. 

However, producing a highly concentrated liquid natural extract from specific vegetable biomass is not so quickly done. While they benefit from favourable consumer perception and nutritional profile, seaweeds are particularly challenging to work with as they contain high-viscosity fibres and polysaccharides, preventing the separation of soluble components from insoluble ones. 

With over 15 years of experience developing seaweed extracts, we’ve recently developed a custom natural extract for a multinational liquid supplement manufacturer.

We rapidly identified two challenges:

  • High concentration factor;
  • Perfect water solubility.

Highly concentrated products are always appealing since a few drops go a long way! One way to obtain a high degree of concentration is through a customized process. 

We specialize in water extraction processes as we found they can meet these solubility and concentration goals while perfectly suited for supplements and food uses. 

Concentration and solubility are highly related. One of our work is to find the optimal balance between these two criteria to produce a highly concentrated liquid natural extract that will be soluble and easy to consume. 

In conclusion, if you’re considering using a custom natural extract for your next product, we are ready to face this challenge and develop a unique extract tailored to your needs.

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