innoVactiv, a Canadian company dedicated to the development of science-based specialty ingredients,announces today that its latest human clinical study supporting the efficacy of InSea2®to beneficially affect post-meal cognition and mental energy has been accepted for publication in the January issue of the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.

Under normal circumstances, post-meal fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin induce what is commonly felt as food coma. Based on its beneficial impact on post-meal blood glucose, it was hypothesized that InSea2®could help sustain brain function in this critical post-meal period. Recently, a human clinical trial conducted by the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Center of Northumbria University (UK) showed that InSea2®can help alleviate symptoms of food coma.

“We are really excited about these new results being published, as they open a new market segment for InSea2®as a caffeine-free support for cognition. Many persons feel the sudden urge to nap after eating or have other kinds of cognitive effects such as a decline in concentration. Using InSea2®before meal can support optimal cognition by promoting a healthier, more gradual absorption of dietary carbs and for avoiding large insulin release”,explains Jocelyn Bérubé, Executive Vice-President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at innoVactiv.

The published article can be found directly on the journal website, or through scientific index services such as Pubmed using the following reference:

Haskell-Ramsay CF, Jackson PA, Dodd FL, Forster JS, Bérubé J, Levinton C, Kennedy DO.Acute Post-Prandial Cognitive Effects of Brown Seaweed Extract in Humans.Nutrients. 2018 Jan 13;10(1). pii: E85.

Companies and formulators interested to hear more on these results can meet innoVactiv at upcoming Engredea/ Natural Product Expo West tradeshow (Anaheim Convention Center, March 9-11, Engredea Booth #3681).

Lire le communiqué de presse ici.